Oils and Lubricants Info MK2

Freelander 2 (LR2) 2006 onwards 
Component Capacity Specification L/Rover 
Engine inline 6 3.2L petrol refill 7.7L (8.2 US quarts)
dry fill 9.3L (9.8 US quarts)
0W30 - AEA A5/B5 LR007129 - 1L
LR007130 - 4L
Engine inline 4 2.2L diesel refill 5.9L (6.2 US quarts)
from dry 6.5L (6.9 US quarts)
5W30 - WSS-M2C913-B STC50527 - 1L
STC50528 - 5L
Manual gearbox 2L (2.1 US quarts) Castrol MTF97309 LR006247 - 1L
Automatic gearbox  7L (7.5 US quarts) Esso JWS3309 US LR002748 - 1L
Transfer box inc front differential 0.75L (0.8 US quarts) Castrol BOT 118 Plus LR003137 - 1L
Active on-demand coupling (viscous unit) 0.65L (1.4 US pints) SATA OIL SL01-301 LR003136 - 300ML
Rear differential  0.7L (1.5 US pints) Castrol EPX 80W90 LR003156
Power steering reservoir Petrol 1.2L (2.5 US pints)
Diesel 1.0 (2.1 US pints)
Pentosin - WSS- M2C204-A2 LR003401 - 1L
Cooling system from dry inc reservoir tank 8.0l (8.5 US quarts) 50% mix water with antifreeze Texaco XLC STC50529 - 1L
STC508530 - 5L
Air conditioning compressor 0.11L (0.23 US pints) Nippon-Denso ND-oil 8
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